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Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser is a treatment modality that utilizes specific wavelengths of light (635 to 660 nm) to stimulate healing in the cells and tissues of the body.  Another term to describe the effects on the body is photobiostimulation.  

Thephysiological repair effects of low-level laser therapy include:

  • Reduces pain by causing the production of endorphins (the body's natural pain killers)
  • ​Reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and enhancing the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage thereby increasing circulation and speeding healing
  • Stimulates the release of healing enzymes
  • Release tight muscles that help create chronic pain, joint problems and decreased mobility
  • Speed bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation – the cells needed to heal soft tissue (muscles, skin, ligaments, tendons) and bones
  • In specific frequencies, can be antiviral, antifungal and antiherpetic

There are endless conditions that respond extremely well to laser therapy including strains, sprains, inflamed muscles and tendons (tendonitis), tight muscles including scar tissue, nerve inflammation due to disc herniation, pain anywhere in the back and even arthritis in any joint of the body


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Dr. Lott takes the time at each and every visit to truly listen to what I have to say so that he can provide the best treatment possible. I'm a trainwreck when it comes to multiple aches and pains and he always knows how to get me feeling great again either through chiropractic work or acupuncture (or sometimes both!) I've never been to a doctor that is as personable and easy to talk to as Seth Lott. His location is super convenient for me and I will definitely be back. Thanks for being awesome, Dr. Lott!

Leslie Curry
Tampa, FL

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